The Most Highly Anticipated Christmas Album is Finally Here
 Performed by some of the most Talented and Professional Artists from Across the Globe!

Rovan Deon professional producer/songwriter/guitarist  for The Duke Music Factory 
Rovan Deon The Duke Publishing is a proud member of  ASCAP! Christmas music will never be the same!

A Rocking Christmas

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As the visionary for this project I never could have imagined how wonderful and precious it would be to share a gift of this magnitude to the world. I would like to publicly thank each and every one of you for lending your extraordinary talents. It is indeed a memorable moment to share the platform with such a high caliber of professional songwriters and musicians.

Thank you,

Signed: Rovan Deon – The Duke “Arise and Fulfill Your Destiny!”

CD Playlist: 1.Lee Gattenby – What Child Is This 2.Paul Tauterouff – Christmas Without You 3.Randy Johnson No Greater Love The Sending 4.Lauren Bateman – Christmas Cheer 5.Chris Basener – Silent Night 6.Joe Pinnavaia – Dulci Jubilo 7.Josip Pesut – Our Feeling 8.Pete Hartley – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 9.Tim Madigan – Sounds of Christmas 10.Donna Stewart – Born In A Manger 11.Rovan Deon aka The Duke - 3 Kings 12. Bonus Track - I'll Be Home for Christmas

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A special thank you goes to Paul Tauterouff for accepting the project and going the extra mile to help to make it all happen.
I would also like to thank my Coach and Mentor Tom Hess for his endless support and teachings from his incredible Music Careers Mentoring Program.
A special thank you goes out to the one and onlyJohnny Ryan for working with me and fleshing out the reference vocals for I'll Be Home for Christmas.
A very BIG thank you also goes out to Doug Simpson of Iron Horse Music Group with the incredible and talented artist The Sistah, for lending her vocal
skills on I'll Be Home for Christmas bonus track. 

For a Limited Time Only! Buy the Album NOW and recieve a Bonus Track from Iron Horse Music Group artist sensation The Sistah! 

Breaking New! - The Duke Music Factory and The Aqua League have joined forces to bring you a hot new REMIX of  I'll be Home for Christmas ft. The Sistah. Listen to it here and let me know what you think. Click on The Aqua League.

Album Reviews:

A Great New Christmas Album ****

This is a No-Brainer – It’s a really awesome Christmas album!

I find this Christmas album to be a great balance between traditional Christmas music and new contemporary sounds. Usually, you get only one or the other on a single Christmas album. Either it‘s very traditional (nice, but boring since we have heard it done this way countless times), or so contemporary that you have a hard time even hearing any actual Christmas themes in the music itself.

The selection of songs, how they are performed and the wonderful sounds are perfect for this type of album.
The album is diverse due to the fact that it’s a compilation of artists, yet the sound is perfectly balanced with a unify of feeling, excellent musicianship and complimentary stylistic choices made by the artists.

Tom Hess -

I would also like to thank all of you who have purchased the Album. Christmas music is much more than what we hear on radio and television year after year. I am happy that there are incredible people like you who beat to a different drum.

This collection of music is my GIFT to you in the only way that I know how. I hope you find love, joy, and peace.

Signed: The Duke

Arise and Fulfill Your Destiny!

For all LICENSE request for 3 Kings and I’ll Be Home for Christmas as well as other music
in the Rovan Deon The Duke Publishing catalogue email Rovan Deon directly at