ASCAP member Rovan Deon a.k.a The Duke, is a melodic and soulful guitarist, lyricist, producer and songwriter hailing from New Jersey by way of Louisiana. He has studied guitar extensively with virtuoso guitarist and master teacher Tom Hess and the infamous Michael “Suke” Cerulo from the New York City Guitar School. Versatile in styles, Rovan Deon’s music can best be described as a kaleidoscope of genres rooted in Pop, Rock, Blues, and Jazz with a sprinkle of Metal. From the very first note, audiences can sense that there is something different and exciting about this artist.

Currently, Rovan Deon is involved in recording and producing his first single A Special Place off the soon to be released Compilation CD Songs of the PHOENIX . Always finding a reason to groove, this single embodies the sounds and style that Rovan Deon has spent years perfecting. To continue to grow as a producer and songwriter he is often found collaborating with established, as well as, up and coming producers, guitarists and songwriters here and abroad.

As an educator, producer, and songwriter Rovan Deon remains passionate. He is currently working on a series of books entitled Let’s Groove, which will be aimed at guiding future guitarist through the world of songwriting and improvisation.
TV and Film as well as the world of entertainment has always fancied this artist which is why Rovan Deon is currently building his library of songs for TV, Film, Fashion and videogames.

Rovan Deon is now ready for the world to hear his music. Hesitate no longer. Come and join us in hearing one of the most soulful, melodic, grooving, guitarist, producer and songwriter to come our way in a long time. Hear the music of Rovan Deon!

“There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”
Duke Ellington